HW1proj and HW1case

Updated 1/20/2015, 8/18/2015, 1/19/2016, 1/15/2017

HW1proj, Ethics in the Profession, due Monday, Jan. 23, 2017 (soon!)

For your ethics-related term project (see course information tab for details): You will develop it step by step over the semester so that it will be manageable rather than a crunch at the end. So start now! Brainstorm about what topic you would like to explore for your project, and what sort of formats you might choose from (commonly a report, but can also be a fictional story, computer program, skit script, music, rap, art, web site development, etc., etc.). Note that it can be either an individual project, or a team project with whoever you want to work with.

Professional neatness and clarity of format counts! See this example.

  • 1. List several possibilities you are considering for a topic/subject of your project, unless you already are sure what you want to do. If you already have decided what topic, then explain what options and possibilities you see related to that topic There should be some connection to the course, but mostly it is up to you – you should seek a topic that you would find interesting to dig into. Length requirement: at least 10 sentences or bullet points. Put your answer in your blog like this.
  • 2. List the possibilities you are considering for project format, the pluses and minuses of each, and your preferences and opinions. Also discuss the question of individual vs. group project. Length requirement: at least 10 sentences or bullet points. Put your answer in your blog like this.
  • 3. (a) Go the the “Course Information” tab on the course web site. Read about the course, especially the parts about the project. Note on your blog any questions you have, or note that you don’t have any questions, like this. (b) Then go to the “Syllabus” tab on the course web site.  Read over it. Note on your blog any questions you have, or note that you don’t have any questions, like this.
  • 4. Email the instructor your blog address (jdberleant@ualr.edu).


Due dates for in-class students:

  • Q1 is due Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017 at the beginning of class
  • Q2 is due Tuesday or Thursday, Jan. 24 or 26, 2017, during class
  • Q3 is due Monday, Jan. 30, 2017

Due date for online students:

  • All Qs due Monday, Jan. 30, 2017

Professional neatness and clarity of format counts! Online students: see this example. In-class students: no blog posting is required for this HW.

  1. Prepare case notes on an ethics case related to intellectual property. If you are an in-class student, these should be usable in class for presenting your ethics case to your group and leading the group in discussing it on Tuesday or Thursday. (Online students can use them to help with the other parts of this HW.) In-class students (due Tu 1/24/17 before class): you will use these notes in class, so show them to me right before class so I can note down that you get credit for Q1:
    • Print them out on paper, or
    • Write them by hand on a sheet of paper, or
    • Display them on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop (not the desk computer in the classroom, because group dynamics work better when the discussion leader does not need to face or turn toward a stationary computer)

    Online students: post your notes to your blog.

    Your notes should include the following.

    • A link or other citation to the case you are using, or if it is from personal experience, point that out.
    • A list of 8 or more important facts about the case. These could help you tell your group members or anyone or remind yourself what the case is all about.
    • A list of questions (6 or more) you could ask your group members in order to get an interesting and enlightening discussion going (for in-class students), or that you could consider yourself or ask someone else about (for online students); see the “Questions to ask during discussion” tab on the course web page for some suggestions in developing your discussion questions.

Hint: To find cases to discuss related to intellectual property, you could for example do a web search on:

ethics cases

or use news articles, personal experience, things you found on the web, on paper, etc.

2. In-class students: On either Tuesday or Thursday, explain your case to your group and lead discussion on it. Divide the two 50-minute classes into parts so that each person in your group gets to lead discussion about their case. It is ok, however, if some discussions end up taking longer than others.When another member of your discussion group is leading, help them out, and sharpen your thinking skills, by listening and participating in the discussion. Doing other things, using your phone, etc., will lose points.

Online students: Explain the case and discuss the questions you devised about it. Post this on your blog.

3. Avoiding plagiarism, that is, improper copying, is an important academic principle and skill, and is also an important part of any university’s moral code. Thus, learning more about it fits nicely into this course, because what someone writes is intellectual property and there are ethical considerations about property, intellectual or other (maybe it’s theirs, maybe their employer’s, or maybe they sold it to another party). It is also highly applicable in real life when you have to prepare reports and need to give credit to your sources of information. Work through the online tutorial on plagiarism https://www.indiana.edu/~istd/. Email me with any questions and/or discuss with your group. Take the online test that the site offers, and get the self-study certificate that the site offersTake a screen shot of the certificate and email it to me at jdberleant@ualr.edu (don’t put it on your blog).


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