Updated 4/11/2017

HW7proj, due M Apr. 24, 2017

Note: Neatness and format count! Follow this answer format example. 

Note 2: In-class students please let me know the date that you want to sign up for to do your 5 minute presentation to the class about your project (if you haven’t already).

Note 3Please remember to prepare and present your 5-minute presentation (online students: submit your presentation slides but do not actually present them). Also, hand in your project by the day scheduled for the final exam. There is no written exam.

Directions: For your term project (see “Course Information” tab for details): if it is a paper: write 399 words (or more) of it and place in your blog. The blog entry should not contain any material already in a previous blog entry. If your project is not a paper: do the equivalent amount of work. Then describe briefly (but with specific details) what you did on your blog (for example, if you are developing a web site, you could provide a link to it. Or if you are filming a skit, you could explain who will play each part, or provide the script outline, etc., depending on how far along you are.) If you’re not sure what to do, see me or send me an email, and I will try to suggest something. Title your blog post “HW 7proj.”