Professional Ethics: Codes of Practice

Updated 3/14/18

Group Exercise (online students do it individually & email or blog it)

  • Make a code of ethics! . . . for the people your group decides on:
    • Pick your own! Or…
    • New suggestions
      • boss at work
      • coworker at work
    • Some of last semester’s suggestions
      • girlfriend
      • mother
      • husband
      • wife
      • college student
    • Here are some that groups chose in recent semesters (counts include Sp’18)
      • engagement (for marriage)
      • robot (2)
      • father
      • boyfriend/guy code
      • professor (sure, go ahead and say what you really think!) (2)
      • sibling
      • school project team member
      • animal handlers for TV/movie
      • pet owner (2)
      • gamers (or online gaming) (4)
      • eating in the classroom
      • digital content acquisition (e.g. downloading)


Finished? Make another code of ethics!


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