HW8 is the last regular HW: Homework 8

HW8 is the last regular HW: 


Homework 7, due Th 6/20/2013

Homework 7
Due Th 6/20/2013

1. a. For your project: if it is a paper, write a new, 350 word chunk. Provide this in your blog as your answer to question 1. If writing 350 words does not apply to your project, do the equivalent amount of work and explain what you did. (If you’re not sure what to do, see me or send me an email, I will try to suggest something.)

1. b. For your 5-10 min. presentation to the class, which is approaching soon, give an outline describing what you will present, in order of presentation. For example (and this is only an example – you can do it however you judge best):

For this presentation I plan to:

i. Give the title and my name and greet the audience.

ii. Introduce the topic by describing ____. Points to mention include ____, _____, _____, and _____.

iii. Explain how _______, because _____. This means ______, because ____. Many people think _____, but actually if they thought more they might think _____. In my opinion _____. Here is a short video segment from youtube.com/is7c7d6shjd.

iv. Give the alligators example. It is useful because ______.

v. Ethical analysis. I chose a Humean approach instead of consequentialism or deontologism because _____.

vi. Recommendations and conclusions: I suggest _____ because ______. However ______. But if _____ then _____ would be best. In conclusion, _____, except when ____, because _____, even though _____. The essential take-away point here is ______.

vii. Questions?

If you are writing a story, or some other creative product, the above would not apply, but there are other good options, so send me an email or something and we’ll discuss, and then you can explain in your blog under Q 1b.

(Do not do for this HW!) 2. Email me (berleant@gmail.com), or bring to class on paper, smart phone, etc., and show me before or after class (so you can get credit) your discussion preparation notes for the case you are discussing with your group for the current unit. This should include

(i) a link to the case on the Web (or a citation if you found it in a book or something)

(ii) description in your own words (it is fine to also include quoted material from the source as long as you use quotation marks or some other method to show it is quoted).

(iii) questions to help you guide the discussion.

(Do not do for this HW!) 3. Present the case you have prepared in the previous question to your group on the day assigned to you. Lead the group discussing the case. Maybe you will get some new ideas from the discussion.

(Do not do for this HW!) 4. Create a wiki page for your case at:  http://lifeboat.com/InfoPreserver/index.php/Ethics_Future_XYZ6, substituting your initials for XYZ. Also substitute a “7” for the “6” is part of URL since this is HW7, not HW6. Also, in your blog, give the link that you use, so I can find the wiki page in case I don’t know your initials or something like that. For more hints see the hints page. Write up the case on the wiki page with the following headings:

    • “The facts of the case.” Here is where you will  describe the case in your own words. 
    • “My conclusions.” Your conclusions and opinions about the case. Be sure to explain and justify what you write. Also, do you remember the interactive video in which you could pretend to be one of the players? Well, in this section of your wiki page, pick one of the people in your case and explain how, if you were that person, you would have done things differently, and why.
    • “Future environment.” Describe your vision of a future in which technology is more advanced than today, or society has changed in some significant way, such that the ethical issues of the case would be even more important than it is in today’s world.
    • “Future scenario.” Describe how this ethical case (or a similar one) would play out in the environment of the future, and give your opinions about it.

HW6 due today

Class will meet as usual this evening (Tues. 6/18/13)

HW reminder

Just a reminder that the HW2 wiki is due today, HW3 is due Thursday except for the wiki article, and the HW3 wiki article is due Friday.


HW2 updates

I adjusted HW2 to clarify that you can bring your case notes yourself instead of emailing them to me. If you do that, please show them to me after class so you get credit for it (on paper, smart phone, whatever).