HW6proj and HW6case

Updated 2/7/18

HW6proj, due F Apr. 20, 2018 (online students: Su Apr. 22)

Note 1: Neatness and format count! Follow this example. 

Note 2: Please email me the date that you want to sign up for to do your 5 minute presentation to the class about your project (if you haven’t already).

Note 3: Also think about how and what you plan to present in your 5 minute presentation to the class about your project. Email me any questions.

Directions: For your term project (see “Course Information” tab for details): if it is a paper: write 349 words (or more) of it and place in your blog. The blog entry should not contain any material already in a previous blog entry. If your project is not a paper: do the equivalent amount of work. Then describe briefly (but with specific details) what you did on your blog (for example, if you are developing a web site, you could provide a link to it. Or if you are filming a skit, you could explain who will play each part, or provide the script outline, etc., depending on how far along you are.) If you’re not sure what to do, see me or send me an email, and I will try to suggest something. Title your blog post “HW 6proj.”


Due dates for in-class students:

  • Q1 is due Monday, Apr. 23, 2018, at the beginning of class
  • Q2 is due Monday or Wednesday, Apr. 23 or 25, 2018, during class
  • Q3 is due Sunday, Apr. 29, 2018

Due date for online students:

  • All questions due Sunday, Apr. 29, 2018

Note: Neatness and format count. In-class students do it like this. Online students do it like this.

Q1. In-class students bring to class on paper, smart phone, etc., and show me by class time (online students post on your HW6case blog entry) your discussion preparation notes for the case you are discussing with your group related to robots for the robotics unit. This should include

  • a link or other citation to the case you are using. If it is from personal experience, point that out.
  • A list of 8 or more good facts about the case, in your own words, that you want to use to tell your group about the case. Alternative option: “You, Robot.” You may write a quite short story that illustrates a conflict inherent in the “3 Laws of Robotics,” just like Asimov did in I, Robot (or any other robot ethical conflict), and use that as your case.
  • 5 or more questions to ask them in order to get an interesting and enlightening discussion going. See the “Questions to ask during discussion” tab on the course web page for some suggestions in developing your discussion questions. Also consider questions that relate to the lecture topics we covered.

Q2. In-class students: On one of the two class days devoted to group discussion for this unit, explain your case to your group and lead discussion on it. Divide the two 50-minute classes into parts so that each person in your group gets to lead discussion about their case. It is ok, however, if some discussions end up taking longer than others, as long as everyone gets a turn.When another member of your discussion group is leading, help them out, and sharpen your thinking skills, by listening and participating in the discussion. Doing other things, using your phone, etc., will lose points. NOTE: When another member of your discussion group is leading, help them by participating in the discussion.

Online students: Explain the case and discuss the questions you devised, plus the 3 standard questions, about it. Post this on your blog.

Q3. Write up your case on your blog with the following subheadings:

  • “The facts of the case.” Here is where you describe the case in your own words.
  • “Analysis.” Examine the case in terms of the questions and/or discussion. In-class students: also reflect on the challenges and possible solutions involved in leading a discussion in a classroom or workplace setting.
  • “My conclusions.” Your conclusions and opinions about the case. Be sure to explain and justify what you write. 3 sentences of average length or more.
  • “Future environment.” Describe your vision of a future in which technology is more advanced than today, or society has changed in some significant way, such that the ethical issues of the case would be even more important than it is in today’s world. 3 sentences of average length or more.
  • “Future scenario.” Describe how this ethical case (or an analogous one) would or should play out in the environment of the future, and give your opinions about it. 3 sentences of average length or more.

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