(updated 8/16/17)

IFSC 2200 Professional Ethics — Orientation

  • Make sure you can log in
    • Problems: email eit-help@ualr.edu
  • Let’s discuss
    • Course info (see tab)
    • Syllabus (see tab)
    • Workload
    • Attendance
    • Group formation
    • Let’s form groups, of 6-7 people if possible
  • Icebreaker activities
    • Fill out name cards, hold them visible to group
    • Each person opines, then all discuss:
      • Which is better to do on the next vacation day?
        • barbecue, or
        • couch potato?
    • Name card scramble:
      • put’em in a pile,
      • each person gets to distribute them out again!
    • Discuss any questions about how the course will work
      •  (let me know of any that are unresolved)
    • (As time allows):
      • 2 truths and a nontruth:
        • each person says 3 things about self
        • others try to guess which one is not true
          • (anything, year in college, major, shoe size, hobbies, whatever)

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