Ethics students: Welcome to Spring 2017!

This course is being taught in two sections, a traditional in-class section (numbered 01) and a webcast/in-class hybrid section (numbered 991). For the hybrid class, I am planning to webcast and record the lectures. So you must know how / figure out how / find out how to use Blackboard’s “Collaborate Ultra” capability in order to attend in real time or view the lectures later. Let me know of any issues. I will be unlikely to know the answer since I am learning the same system myself, however I may be able to point you to a resource where the answer can be obtained.

Very important for all students:

  • You will need to make your own blog for this course at
  • You will need to let me know the URL of your blog at, so I can access it to see your assignments.
  • You do not need to use your real name in relation to your blog.
  • Other blogging systems are not accepted for purposes of this course. Examples include WordPress blogs, Tumblr blogs,, Blackboard’s blogging system, blogs you are using for other courses, blogs you have for your personal use, etc. These are good to use for other purposes, just not for this course.



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