Bolded material below is settled for Spring, 2018.
Unbolded material will be updated as needed.


QUICK LINKS to HWs: HW1proj & HW1case; HW2proj & HW2caseHW3proj & HW3caseHW4proj & HW4case; HW5proj & HW5caseHW6proj & HW6case; HW7proj (not for Sp ’18); presentation; project

  • Topic 6: Robotics – HW6proj & HW6case
    • M 4/16/18Robot ethics & “I, Robot” (ser. #mult. c.); or Robots (online students: research robot ethics on youtube or elsewhere on the web and post your notes)
    • W 4/18/18:
    • F 4/20/18: Due date for HW6proj (online students: Su 4/22/18)
    • M 4/23/18: Group discussions
      • HW6case, Q1, due before class (in-class students)
    • W 4/25/18: Group discussions. Finished early? Let me know and I’ll help
      • 5-minute presentations: CC
    • Su 4/29/18: HW6case due (just Q3 for in-class students)
  • Topic 7: Finishing up – (HW7proj does not apply in Spring 2018 because the semester is one week shorter than it used to be!)
    • M 4/30/18: Last day of class. Finish 5-min. presentations
      • Online students:
    • W 5/2/18: No class
    • F 5/4/18, 10:30-12:30: no final exam, instead  projects due today; overflow presentations if necessary (ser. #3)


As time allows, other ethics topics


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