Using a blogging system for handing in HWs in this course

(Updated 8/21/2017)

Blogging is an important part of today’s world

  • It is good to know how it works!
  • It is a good platform for a course!


Handing in assignments

Various blogging sites exist

  • There are major ones and minor ones

  • Major site
  • Full function
  • But this makes it more complicated
  • Different system from
  • Confusing
  • You are looking at it now!
  • Doesn’t like to give a new account if you have one already
  • That makes it hard for me to show you how to open an account
  • Too many negatives, so what about…

  • Part of google, a major player
  • But inextricably one part of a larger google account
  • So to sign up you need a google account, like it or not
  • We all have google accounts
    • UALR email is run by google
  • But maybe you don’t want your course blog being part of your google identity
  • You can configure a “limited” blog profile to blog pseudonymously
    • This can work but has too many branches and details
  • So instead, try…

  • All seemed good during signup until the captcha function
  • Must interact with an advertisement
  • I don’t want to do that
  • …and don’t want to make you either!
  • So move on to…

  • Modern, popular blog site
  • During signup, *must* pick 5 other blogs to follow
  • That could be useful in this class:
  • Follow your group members’ blogs!


Their blogs don’t exist yet

…so you can’t follow them when you sign up

So back to having to follow random other blogs

  • This could work, but is annoying.
    •  So try…


  • Has a blogging function
    • Has everything, in fact
      • But not everything is user friendly
  • It is more valuable to learn
    • general purpose systems
    • meant for the public
    • that you can use after you graduate
    • So try…

***** *****

  • Easy to make an account
  • Fairly simple to use
  • Basic in functionality
  • Last semester we had problems with account suspension
    • They unsuspended accounts upon request
    • Suggestion:
      • clearly label and
        • organize your postings
      • so they don’t look like
        • auto-generated spam
  • …that’s just what we need!



We will make our blogs now…


Welcome to Spring 2014!

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